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Pretty in Print: The Importance of Physical Media

Few things compare to lifting the cover of a brand-new magazine, ready to take in all the tidbits of beauty and wisdom inside. Four of the five senses are immediately engaged: the sound of the pages rustling as they turn, the tactile variance between glossy and matte pages and different page thicknesses, the unmistakable scent of magazine paper and the fragrance samples inevitably included, a cover-to-cover adventure of eye-catching photographs and layout. Which leads me to ask- why would print ever "die?" The answer: For fashion, at least, it won't.

In this beautifully-written article by Alison O'Neill, the speculation that magazines may "die" and be replaced by their digital issue counterparts, is examined in detail. This article was written in 2015, and at that time, users viewed over 47% of their media in a digital form and only took in 3% of their media in a print format. But, as O'Neill points out, newspapers have a disadvantage because they cannot give their printed product a "luxe" feel or project any image other than a cold, hard news publication. Fashion enthusiasts treat magazines, in O'Neill's words, the same way they treat clothes: "You buy them, collect them, throw them out, trade them, cut them up, recycle them..." Magazines provide tangible experiences that convey otherwise vague, intangible concepts- like beauty and style. But let's take this whole "tangible experience" thing even further.

The Power of Working with Your Hands: Kinesthetic Learning

Aside from the very obvious fact that hairstylists, makeup artists, and other professionals in my industry perform regular work that requires the use of our hands, hands-on workshops and activities that allow us to manipulate physical media are things from which we can all truly benefit- whether you're beauty-obsessed or not.

This is something I witnessed firsthand as an educator, watching the lightbulb go off during a hands-on activity, and as a student of numerous workshops (photos from which can be seen below). No matter your role in life, many things begin with a blank sheet of paper. After all, where do I begin creating a face of makeup for a styled photoshoot but a printed face/color chart?

I've taken a minute to introduce some individuals and moments that convey, to me, the importance of tangible art and working with one's hands. After reading, let me know who inspires you to indulge in hands-on, physical media.

(Left): Collage art created by inspiring mixed-media artist, Karen Fisher. Karen's philosophy and style involve multiple deconstructed layers of imagery coming together to form a whole. See more of her work on her Instagram @karenfisherart and her website,

(Right): Eric Fisher with one of my all-time favorite haircare brands, Aquage, on stage at a workshop.

(Below): Students mixing pigment during a hands-on color theory activity.

(Left): Jay Wesley Olson of the BeSpoke Salon, AZ, educating at a balayage workshop. Such a creative, inspiring individual with an equally inspiring space!

(Above & Right): Yours truly, Anatomy in Clay class, taken with my partner-in-crime, Richard Krammes.

Print will never actually die- unless fashion dies first, and that's a thought we don't even want to consider! Thank you for reading- I can't wait to hear about the creativity in your life!

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