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Hard Water & Hair Color in AZ

The #1 discussion I have about hair in AZ has to do with hard water and hair color in Phoenix. The water here is really REALLY bad!

Fortunately for me (and you), I study and teach chemistry as it applies to hair, skin, and health. I have a passion for science in the beauty industry and love to talk about it as well as answer any questions you may have. We all want the same thing - shiny, vibrant, beautifully hydrated hair.

Mineral-coated hair, however, can’t reflect light or bounce. It’s dry, brittle, and lifeless, which leads to great frustration and confusion- not to mention money wasted on product after product chasing promises of fabulous results for our very stressed-out hair.

Good news! The effects can be remedied with proper guidance and home care. Proper is the keyword here. I believe the absolute only way you will know exactly what you need to get the results you want is by having a well-versed and highly-educated hairdresser. Never before have hairdressers been as well-educated and in-the-know as we are now. I personally spend thousands of dollars a year staying current with technology and science as it applies to hair, skin, and makeup as well as hands on and creative classes taught by the masters in our industry.

I’ve always taken for granted the Rocky Mountain Water of Colorado that flows from the tap cold, clear, and delicious. In fact, while attending a course I took through Malibu C Wellness and Beauty, we took a sample of water from the Colorado salon to have it tested. It came back the #1 water of all water they tested to date. But what's the difference between clean CO water and AZ water and does it really affect hair that much?

How do minerals get into water?

Ground water passes through aquifers, which are layers of minerals, and can be found in the water that is pumped above ground and used for bathing. Surface water is treated with chlorine and lime to control bacterial growth in lakes and above-ground water sources.

How do minerals attach to my hair?

Minerals create a "wall" around hair strands, keeping color, perm, relaxer, and products from properly penetrating the hair and doing their jobs. The warmth of water typically used to wash the hair worsens the effect- opening the hair cuticle and allowing more minerals in.

Effects of Minerals on Hair:


-Weighted down

-Relaxed even when permed

-Dandruff due to calcium-salt-buildup

-Clogged hair follicles

-Broken hairs

-Prevention of new hair growth

Have a question about minerals and your hair? Need some advice? Shoot me a message or book your appointment in my chair for some hair therapy!

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