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Olaplex: Miracle or Myth?

It doesn't take a hairstylist to realize that most of the products out there claiming to repair your hair actually just cover up the problem temporarily; There is no "magic" way to fix damaged hair. But there is a fantastically healing treatment known as Olaplex. And in this Arizona climate, even I could use a little hair healing!

What is Olaplex?

In a nutshell, the brand markets themselves as a salon system that rebuilds broken hair bonds. The Olaplex site boasts usage in over 370,000 salons worldwide.

Olaplex is created as a three-step system that works for all hair types (no, really- all of them). Below is a photo from Olaplex demonstrating the difference between a strand repaired with the treatment and one that has not been treated:

Step 1 of Olaplex is a Bond Multiplier that repairs the disulfide bonds separated as a result of chemical treatments or heat styling. In this article by Megan McIntyre of Refinery29, Olaplex ambassador Chad Kenyon explains, "Those bonds are separated and momentarily broken to achieve a different color or hair texture." This step can be applied as a stand-alone treatment or mixed into bleach/color.

Step 2 is a Bond Perfector that is applied after shampooing, left on for a minimum of ten minutes, and then shampooed and rinsed an additional time. This step completes the in-salon process of rebuild the broken hair bonds.*

Step 3 is a Hair Perfector that clients can use at home once a week to strengthen hair and is a less-concentrated version of Step 2 meant for non-professional use.

*Step 2 is provided by yours truly as a complementary service on Sundays and Mondays in Paradise Valley, AZ customized to each individual's personal hair needs. I also offer the service as an additive with all haircolor services.

With 40+ years experience in this industry, I no longer need to offer services or products simply because they are the latest trend or receive the most publicity. I offer treatments that live up to the hype- and Olaplex is no exception. It adds noticeable depth and shine to hair color creations. I highly recommend Olaplex Step 3 (buy local- from me!) in combination with a personalized regimen of professional hair care products. Managing your hair (and your life!) will be much easier with this product in your beauty arsenal. Don't believe me? Read about McIntyre's experience with the system in the aforementioned article, where she recalls:

"I've tried my fair share of conditioning treatments and felt the silky aftereffects, but this was a whole new sensation — my hair was weightless and basically had the same feel and consistency of the water trickling out of my shower head."

Let's face it: we're all a bit rough on our hair these days. Constant bleaching, heat styling, blow drying, and sun-baking take their toll. I can help breathe life back into those strands!

Ready for your Olaplex experience?

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