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Do You Know Reggie Wells?

Do you know of Nicky Posley or Reggie Wells? If not, you need to! This post is a shout out as well a thank you to Erica Carr and Kali Lorenzo for a two-day intensive that rocked my world!

Day 1 with Nicky Posley:

Nicky's not only really funny and personable, he's a phenomenal artist and amazing human that grace's us with the gift of his presence. Nicky taught me more than just how to apply makeup- he gave me confidence and skills to help me relate to both the face and the relationship necessary to begin perfecting "the total look." He took me on an in-depth journey of how to study the face from a different perspective and the art of truly making the foundation look like skin as it perfects the face. Step by step, he broke it down to banish any fears or doubts I had as an artist. This day was beyond valuable to me!

Day 2 with Mr. Reggie Wells

Oprah Winfrey's personal makeup artist for 22 years. That's really all that needs to be said, however I can't help but gush! I actually have a secret crush on him! His finger tips have touched so many celebrity faces and perfected models for the covers of countless magazines. Reggie has a rich history of experience that he walked us through as he worked, engaging many senses and creating a lasting impression of his skill. His past as a professional teacher in the classroom is strikingly evident. Organizing curriculum, developing ‘hooks,’ engaging students by using the senses and learning styles, challenging technique… It’s apparent teaching comes naturally to him. What a gift he is- not only to us as makeup artists but to all people! His story telling ability is mesmerizing as he tells tales of times that shaped him into the delightful man he is now.

He works a room by relating in some way to each and every person in it. Mr. Wells is truly a master of his gift! He was born to paint faces and be a mentor for all people- but especially us artists. He is spot on with the details of each artist sharing tips that come from years of touching faces and styling models for photo shoots and magazine covers.

Reggie rightfully gives credit to Erica Carr as the invaluable person that she is, pointing out that no one has ever created the education platform for professional makeup artists the way that she has. Erica Carr is to our industry what Oprah has been to our world!

Erica is beyond incredible. She's got the focus and drive to bring the best of the best professional artists to one venue for one week, drawing students globally! It's never been done and she makes it appear as if though it's effortless for her. She's got passion and is motivated, organized, and diligent.

The "Ah-Ha" Moment

Last but not least, a personal thank you to Kali Lorenzo for the “Ah-Ha” moment. Watching her work is like watching a fine arts oil painter put the finishing touches on a masterpiece- She can make an eyebrow that doesn't exist look flawlessly real!

I could go on and on but to wrap this up I want to give a big thank you to everyone I met at Erica Carr's Bootcamp this past weekend! I have returned home a better artist than I ever have been. Off to touch some faces with my brushes and paint!

Love to you all- chat again soon!

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