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Beauty is an art form, not just an industry.

I see art emerge on every runway and magazine cover, in every hairstyle inspiration photo my clients show me when they sit in my chair. I see it in tattoos, haircolor trends, and beautifully applied faces of makeup. This all brings creative nourishment to my soul. I take that creativity to my chair and transpose it into pretty, everyday wearable styles- uniquely personalized for your demographic. I cater to clients in both Boulder, Colorado and Scottsdale, Arizona.

Think we're a match made in hair + makeup heaven?

*SERVICES ARE BY APPOINTMENT ONLY* Currently booked in Boulder: only accepting bookings in Scottsdale. Keep checking back for new availability!

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The Exclusively Radine Experience

The Exclusively Radine Experience begins with an in-depth consultation, so I can better understand where you are with your hair, what you want, and most importantly, what you don’t want. This is my chance to learn about you. I continuously seek the most current education on subjects such as hair color, which allows me to bring you the most relevant technology and techniques.

I then determine the individualized needs of your hair and teach you what you need to know about maintaining the health and integrity of your strands. I will teach you the how to’s, the why’s, and the why not’s. It’s all about shiny, vibrant, bouncy, and beautiful-no-matter-what hair!


Jessica Brock

Radine is an incredibly talented educator and artist! She uses only the highest quality products that photograph really well. She is very skilled in many areas including skincare, professional makeup artistry, and hair. I highly recommend her- you will be very pleased.


Randy Owen

Start with the fresh cutting cape, to the pre-cut wash and condition, to the warm steam towel for the duration of the scalp massage, to the meticulous cut, to removing any loose hair before styling, and finish with the final styling… Rae’s professionalism and attention to detail is first class and makes Rae my first, best, and only choice for a cut and style. On top of all this, her chair is always a fun, friendly and warm experience. I leave a better feeling and looking version of myself!

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Gina Saraceni

Radine is incredible! My hair is super thick and coarse and she's always given me excellent advice on what to do and how to do it. She's so great at getting my color perfect and is super knowledgeable about the best products to use! Rad - I don't know what I'd do without you! Thank you for your expertise and passion for always being on the cutting edge :)

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